Sarah Godfrey Hideous

Yura Horn This is so sad...

Birdie Breeze needs to be tested for mercury, cesium, etc

· 3

Lindi Swanepoel Sickening!!!:(

Carole Chavanet Je crois que je vais vomir !!!!!!!

Florian Wecker Insane

Dewi Williams

Ollie Farrugia Poisoning the next generation of whalers....

· 4

Jade Kw So sad ....

Isabel Bliss Very backwards

Maurizio Persi Zozzi giapponesi,adesso vediamo se gli animalisti e i pseudo vegani hanno il coraggio di condannare questo!!!!!!

Nicholas Bezdek That gross

Trish Jersey Camden It breaks my heart

· 2

Sarah Wrobel

Patti Barrett Grrrrrr....

Robert Hardy-Aln They shouldn't be eating whales either or any animal. Go vegan problem solved.

· 7

Nat Natnat ;(

Kelly Anne I think I'm gonna throw up now

· 1

Tracey Edwards Isnt Dolphin meat Toxic? This is gross : (

· 3

Lily Santos ..

· 1

Rae Conway Disgusting!

· 2


· 2

Cathryn Levvey So wrong!!

· 1

Maureen Wilson What ever it is whale or dolphin it looks disgusting yuck!!! Who would want to eat these beautiful mammals anyway!!

· 4

Clare Violet Song Lusher What a sickening and unnecessary waste of precious, irreplaceable lives. For this? What will it take for Japan (and Norway, and Faroes) to open their eyes and ears, and stop?

· 5

Jenni Mahaffey Disgraceful

Tish Harper "please do not take photographs inside without permission." they seriously know what they're doing wrong.

· 10

Tracey Edwards

· 1

Katharina Berndt After looking at these I really don't need breakfast anymore. So disgusting!

· 2

Carl Parry How awful, plus it's toxic

Gabe Solo That's seriously disgusting

· 1

KL Bourque Absolutely in every single way - DISGUSTING and SHAME!!

Frida Malmgren

Nancy Ghadianlou this is horrible.

Bobbie Voiceforthe AnimalsBonanno shared to... Oceanic Rescue Committee and Awareness - ORCA

· 2

Johanna Lecossier Lafontaine horrible!

Victor Rieval Sick world!!!

Nathalie Ciamin

Jason McCready wrong and disturbing. ..

Melanie McPherson GOOD LORD!!! Please save the dolphins and whales!!! Horrible!!!

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians Page (official) Our point is not so much to say how disgusting it is, but to prove how inexpensive the meat is. Proving that there is not a high demand for the meat.

· 19

Sophie Woolley send för analys to a labb

Leonie Lyttle Disgusting !!!!

Lilian Baars Thats horrible:-( Whale and dolfin meat is so sad.... Where do they draw the line:-/ why do we want to eat every animal:-( Happy to be a vegetarian...

· 2

Angela M M Kovacs :O(((

Glendanne Squyres Shame on the Norwegians who are supporting this horrible event!

· 3

Julia Dickson Nicholls Urgh its just so wrong

Sally Wilson Love the sign (in English) stating no photographs without permission. Curious if you received it?

· 3

Stephanie Lallouz Disgusting

Martina Maria STOP!!

Heidi Scoggins Aloha, They need to be held criminally accountable for willfully and knowingly selling Whale/Dolphin meat that is dangerous to humans....

· 1

Nick Ashby Do Sea World sell 'bacon sandwiches' & 'Beluga burgers' etc..? Where do we go with this depravity, but it would probably put visitors off! -Feeling sick

· Edited

Bec Manly-Leverton

· 1

Karmina LaLa

Linda Stoyka ~ these photos make me feel ill.

Elisabetta Tabacco Shame!!!!

Rasta-irie Rastastyarasta Wow welcome to #mercury meat more like it, whale meat & dolphin meat are both toxic... The japan/japanese swap whale meat & dolphin meat as #tuna.. They both have mercury in them.

· Edited · 2

Rowena Mendes Gross

Sue-Ellen Williams Highly illegal!

Trista Leigh Yuck!

Toñi Gutiérrez

Chelsea Brown Brings tears to my eyes..when will this atrocity stop...

· 2

Erna Wils Who buys this?!!

· 1

Russell Roberts I think the problem is with eating meat no difference between a cow or a dolphin .vegetarian is about non violence to the animials kingdom so if you eat meat you are supporting slaughter of dolphins as well

· 8

Dale Rosvall Grrrrr!! Makes me feel so angry - and helpless!

Willeke Koevoets I just lost my appetite... how sick is this. Dolphin meat or whale meat.... they should be swimming in the ocean and FREE.... not in small parts 

Vittoria Vittoria Oriana

Angela Buckley It turns my stomach to even look at it.

Julieanne Fredericks-Fischer How disgusting

Nad Nadj À vomir !

· 1

Marianne Folland-Myors Disgusting!

Vicky Borrey this is truly very disgusting, can't imagine why they like to eat that!!!!

Sandra P. Aguilar Banuet And worse, the people that are eating that are just getting poisoned

· 1

Jill Oja

Malana Kau'i Its not the matter of dolphin or whale. These guys need to stop killing these beautiful mammals/fish. It is sad and astonishing how the whole world is letting this just happen.

· 4

Jonny Costa Investigate which countries take part in these foul practices and boycott anything and everything to do with them.

Then post on every site affiliated with their countries government corporations and news agencies pictures of the blood shed that is caused by their actions until they renounce these ways or become so reviled that no one on earth enters into trade with them and they have no choice but to submit

· Edited · 3

Camille Williams This made me sick in my mouth! Digusting!

Iain Till vile, and ultimately unnecessary.

· 1

Ria Stedehouder Disgusting

Deanna Bacich Raffa Omg that's gross and hate Taji what they do to our Sea Angels! !

· 1

Neil En Mandy Flooks

G Ting Ting goodness gracious ;(

Cee Jay Ella Wtf that is so wrong

· 1

Nicola V D Vegt-Johnston Its unacceptable whether it is dolphin, whale or shark in my opinion! Just stop eating meat Full stop!

· 4

Emer Dougan Disgusting!! I've just gagged at these images!

Jemima Cameron Disgusting...

Jo Nana wrapped in styrophome and plasic, symbols of destruction

Vestan Pance I'm wondering how many that comment, that this is so wrong, are happy eating cows, pigs, chicken & sheep?

· 4

Hitoshi Kodama Long-finned Pilot Whale

Noor Tanger Clare Violet Song Lusher well first they would need to have a brain that is functioning and a heart.

Shabby Chic Vile!! If its not bad enough people are eating dolphins, half the time they don't even know they are!!!
The Japanese Government are a joke! They care little for animals and the pain they are made to endure at the hands of humans, and it seems they care little for humans either as eating mercury contaminated meat is far from healthy!

· 2

Carol Cardy How DISGUSTING!!!

· 1

Clau-chi Erblehner Its all poisoned from contaminated sea of fukushima

Wendy Witchner The people who ingest this stuff must be ticking time bombs of toxic overload. Karma will be a sweet revenge!!

· 1

Amanda Schild-King Just disgusting

Desiree Franks Herbstein Time to wake up, for those that eat any animal product, do u know where the animal came from, the conditions it was living in, the food it was given to eat? Etc

· 2

Amber Day Absolutely disgusting! I feel sick!

· 1

Pauline Delfos-schram Disgusting@

· 1

Sarah Bailey Shame on ANY country that supports/allows the sale of this. Disgusting!

· 2

Lisa Di Falco Ha who has a sign saying 'no photos without permission' in a freezer? Trying to hide something?

· 3

Vale Vee The fact is that this flesh is also full of poisoning mercury!!!

· 3

Sindy Espejo Breaks my heart.

Lyndee Jayne Kerr Absolutely disgusting!! Cruel bastards!!

Amber Day Disgusting and sickening... What the heck is wrong with these people????

· 1

Ricard Mech Mp Hijos de puta japos ! Habria que darlos un golpe seco a los que compren cuando salgan ....

Ulrike Muller disgusting, either way - whale and dolphin, dog and cow. they are ALL souls and sentient beings. I hate what's happening with the dolphins, I hate what we do in the name of eating animals - as well as throwing the first stone, those of us who protest against this, might consider also going vegan. Because this is where the problem lies: if there is an 'industry', there is also demand. Cut the demand, and the industry falters. To cut the demand, start with ourselves. And then educate others to do the same. How many protesters are still meat eaters? It cannot be right. Lots of wrongs don't make one right. Please consider, on the strength of the feelings we all have about this horrific holocaust, consider, try it out, experiment on going vegan. It's not that hard. You save 170 animals a week by going vegan.

· 13

Alison Yarushin Disgusting

Alezan Urielle C est malheureux de voir ca

Andrea Heerklotz horrible...

Pascale Serres C'est comme de voir du chien et du chat dans le frigo. !! quelle horreur

Nikita Naicker Sick!

Marvellous Angela Mclean Ulrike, good point. Brings to mind the beautiful, sweet, loving pigs farmed in this society and how much bacon is bought and sold

· 1

Janine Henderson This is so wrong!

Liv Nina disgusting

Marika Zorzetto

Charlotte Austin As horrific as the slaughter is. At least the meat is being sold for consumption. I would like to make it 100% clear that I don't agree with the slaughter. I do take issue with the world standing back and commenting on how disgusting it is when 90% are munching down on all sorts of meat....bacon comes to mind. It had been scientifically proven pigs are more intelligent than dogs and have a massive family structure.... Just like dolphins. Mmm bacon and eggs and dolphin anyone....

· Edited · 6

Suzan Balletheels Zibar Ick. How can they?

Diane Myers That was a very interesting article Tracey Edwards. They've known for decades about the toxicity of eating Dolphin and whale. But this strange country is so caught up with "losing face" and upsetting the status quo that they're prepared to continue to serve this meat to their children in schools. Secrecy, they're culture is built on it. I applaud the 2 jap scientists trying to change this dreadful mind set. Thanks for the post.

· 4

Daniel Lopez Sancho hijos de puta

Peter Reid If you people stop eating that sort of cuisine Other People with stop killing it! You know "Supply & Demand" !! Demand & Supply !!
What ever way you say it ! Stop

· 2

Anita Jansen

Jeanette Andersson Disgusting

Marica Galić Spangenberg

Carsten Erps This is so gross... I am ashamed to be human. This is disgraceful

· 4

Zoe Raison Disgusting!!!

Jacqueline Knowles Just really sad how these poor dolphins /Whales end up .Such evil people to do this .

· 1

Djêdjê Lapache C'est dégueulasse !

· 1

Gina Calogero as we say where i'm from...I hope you choke on it!!!!

· 1

Ingrid de Reus

Nicole Jolie It's amazing that with all this publicity and all that you are bringing to light about this subject there is absolutely NOTHING being done about sanctions against Japan. The fact that they can get away with this, invite a Kennedy to watch the horror and they can sanction the murder of innocent animals. It baffles me. It just makes no sense at all.

· 5

Kieren Ross Oh my god!!!! I just watched the way they are killed on 60 minutes. I burst into tears!!!! It's just so horrible. The little Albino dolphin is being kept in a little dirty pond, all alone, just swimming up and down. The man being interviewed was like "What's wrong with that?" WTF?!?!?!

· 3

Karine Frisson Garnier C est horrible de voir sa

Rebecca James Whales, dolphins hacked up for what? Disgusting people

· 2

Linda Kohut can't it be purchase and sent to a lab?

Vivien Rose Hmmm

Dorry Armstrong Robuck Christy Gross!!!

Joanne Berthelsen Disgusting!!!!!!!!!

Julien Ju Des merdes

Chris Lovett Barbarians

Martina Schliefer

Raphael Moras Salop !

Nicole Delahunt No photographs, huh? I wonder why...

· 3

Kim Stowers Disgusting

Grace Hinds-Brown Absolutely horrifying!

Jane Francis Wherever it is it's gross.....

Ele Causémann Disgusring

Susan Moore Darn Carnivores!....................

· 1

Yuri Bastos Matsumi

Simon Paine I love whales and dolphins , but if the shops are selling dolphin meat as whale meat that has serious health consequences , dolphin meat is highly toxic (mercury and pcb's) local health authorities should be asked to investigate

· 2

Vero Pascolini Comment ils peuvent avaler ça!!?? Debiles!

Sylvie Gest Dégueulasse !!!

Laura Love If its sold its because people buy it. Without buters theres no business, so lets not blame just the people at the store. To me this is as gorrifying as seeing pieces of dead pigs and cows at the local stores, but WHY are they on the shelf? You know why.

· 4

Laura Love I meant "buyers", not "buters", hehe

Queena Chen

Colleen Fagan Conning Japanese public!

Zina LeMay Those poor dolphins... That beauty ending up like this- what a hell on earth

· 3

Judith Ba I´m feeling a little sick right now!

· 1

Maria Eugenia Greyhound What I don't understand is how can they label it as whale meat if it's illegal to hunt whales for meat..

Gloria Reyes All killing is wrong weather it be cattle, pigs , whale or dolphin... They want to live and have the right to be on this earth .

Rhonda Donovan They liable dolphin meat as whale meat?????

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians Page (official) We moderate this page and remove any racist or obscene comments. These photos were obtained by our sources and for the reason to show how inexpensive the dolphin meat is. There is less and less demand. The prices are very low compared to other meat products. If you think it is disturbing, the best thing to do is not support captivity and to educate and inform others.The slaughter will continue, if people continue funding marine parks.

· 19

Ellaine Figueredo Bucater

Goto Track Bande de batards!!!!!!!

Stephanie Gifford They hunt both whales and dolphins. They have no conscience

Rhonda Donovan Meat....a very bad word.

· 1

Marco Vega @Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians page (official) - you are totally right. Is the people who demand it and the pirates and killers who make it into a business. Fur trade is the same. People are seduced by ego promoted by heartless fashion designers, whilst the hunters and trappers become rich, and fur animals live and die terribly.

Education is the only way forward, not withstanding that sometimes action speak
louder than words...and direct action is the only language some animal abusers understand.

· 2

Meg Hayes Yuck!

· 1

Jennifer Ann Wilson The horror.

· 1

Nikki Bennett Eating land animals is samething. We torture cows and pigs in the USA for meat everyday.

· 1

Belinda Kan

Nick Print The people purchasing it are as bad as the hunters. I hope they go to hell

· 3

Cathy Haarmann

Cristina Guernelli Palazzo Even if it was whale meat,civilized countries forbid whale hunting, as dolphin meat it is more disgusting. But some beasts hunt, commercialize, disguise as other products and eat this... Shame on some homo sapiens that are not sapiens are all.

· Edited

Cheryl Norton Sickening!! Captain is there not a way to get n a boat and at least try and keep them from coming into that cove? Use sonar...??? Something???

Caupolican de la Cruz Bleah

Carole Buckley Hall Sick

Claire-Angel Lavis

Val Villanueva

Chris White Obviously the japanese don't give a rat's.

· 2

Leah Newey Sayaka Terashima Seiko Yamaguchi

Christine Holmes Sickening!!

Anna Pring That's disgusting!!

Nicole Power I find it interesting that they have a sign on the fridge asking not 2 take photos, i have never seen that in western shop. And i thought it was tradition....

· 3

Kari Draves So sad

Jo Stoyel Disgusting!

Jakki Collinson No thank you

Jean Valjean Arnaud Navarro Hernandez

Karen Rosenstein Horrifying!!

Kirsty Clark I would be sick if i ate that, just knowing where it's from and what it is! Disgusting!

· Edited · 1

Carole Green how horrid

Terie Curran Noah This is where these poor souls end up

· 2

Marc Holloway

Marlon Nelson WTF!!

Erica Chandler Doesn't even look appetizing whatsoever. This is morally wrong on a million levels. Quit killing and eating cetaceans!!! It's barbaric and sickening.

· 2

Michael Mah My heart broke, having witnessed the 40-45 striped dolphin slaughter in Taiji, then knowing the meat from that terrible day was in packages shortly thereafter at the Taiji grocery store. What a waste of such beautiful intelligent life.

· Edited · 3

Wendy Wintersgill Mercury

Sarah Rachel 'Gonsalves' Coram Disgusting!

Karen Agnello Gross culture

Brey Hardin Disgusting

Joanne Baker Disgusting!

Gail Cooling Hope all that ate it dies

Laurence Mack Why can' t we post these pictures either in the Japanese times or some of medusa outlet to get this word out? If were just posting it on FB and not other outlooks then what good are we doing this has to get out to the larger audience .

· 4

JJ O'Connor Disgusting.

· 1

Yon Cobos Me parece una vergüenza, horrible.

Heather Seeman Young either way it's disgusting!!!!!

L Anne Ferreri This made me sick to my stomach.

Dolphins Sky Please conduct test to confirm whether radiation and other toxic chemical is contained. If radiation is found, the whole damn whale meat industry will die forthwith

· 2

Dina Strange Beautiful animals cut in pieces.

Rudolphe Zurawski Just research ...

Eleanor von Korff Mercury is a heavy metal and heavy metals do not leave your body easily and found in both whales and dolphins so in reality they are feeding people poison, and its ok!!

Carolann Stillie Evil

Price Less Sad

Shauna Marshall Gross and sad

Charlotte Miller

Phyllis Nunn God!!! Like eating your cousin!!

· Edited

Donna Trapp Nasty

Megan Daniels gross

Dinky Dani Uuugh that's just put me off my dinner

Helen Koh Amitabha

Misty Kastner Both David Fleming! Sickening!!

Pi Erik

· 1

Marghe Ri Ta Sick,disgusting....bastards!

Stacy Stafford Buy a pack and have it tested. See what it actually is.

· 3

Connie Lewis

Terry Faherty Don't buy and pass on

Dolphins Sky <=-PLEASE click on it and it will generate automatic email to Australia and Japanese government

· 2

Sonja Strydom I feel like puking!

· 1

Laura Gargano Yes. Pick up a pack and have it tested

Hector Orantes Todos los paises que vendan delfin deben ser sancionados

Sharon Marshall Evil!!!! And they all say they care and it's shocking to them!!! And eating the whales is evil too!!!!

· 1

Anne Thomas Grrrrrrr

Simon Nadler

Jackie Hunter Those poor animals, died a vicious death to be put in a packet for ignorant greedy humans.
This is so wrong on all levels od life :'(:'(

· 1

Jennifer Ward Gross!! I hate what they did, I hope we can get this stop, before next season!!!!

Morena Braglia

Christina Skeoch Disgusting

Christopher Neil Overton Yuk! I wouldn't want to even touch it!

Shante Vrey Disgusting. It breaks my heart seeing stuff like this but unfortunately that's the reality of today people.

Elizabeth Perea Is that part of the "research" too?

Lindsay Tomlinson So wrong!

Jen Adr Pen This is sickening!

Debbie Krage Nasty..sickening that anyone buys this.

Jennifer Krempp Vomit!

Trisha Sims

Marcela Parada-Carrasco Disgusting

Hannah Euser Terrible. Eat vegetables people.

Jordi Sims No pics?!?!? What are YOU HIDING!!!???

Jan Winters Disgusting!

Garry Currier Has anyone ever had Whale meat? I do not understand why they label it whale. Would it be like "filet Minot" when it is other animal meat? Just all around sick and wrong.

· Edited

Patrick Mildouz je vais vomir !

Linda Coring Makes me want to throw up..i hope whoever eats it gets e coli...

· 2

Audrey Seven Very sad whatever meat it is

Wendy Talbot The swearing and racist name calling has got to stop. Firstly, do you really think that is the best way to vent your anger? Do you think by associating this organization with those comments will increase the popularity of this thread and attract serious activists? Sea Cove Guardian has already stated they do not want those comments posted on this site, yet people still submit them. To do this is completely counterproductive. I know others, myself included have thought about dropping this site as some of the comments left make those writing the comments no better than those committing the crime against our aquatic life. Please be proactive and leave sensible, meaningful comments so as a whole we can achieve the same goal of saving our marine life.

· 10

Monica Pfäffli what a shame!!!!!!!

Wendy Talbot I too am at the point where if The Sea Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians Page (official) do not monitor their site more closely than I will not be associated with this webpage. I am completely disgusted at some of the comments, one just within the past few hours that was completely anti semitic. It is a complete moral embarrassment to be associated in the same blogs as some of the 'authors' of these comments.

· 1

Lyn Tansell Stop buying this and stop the slaughter.

Cherie Buendia So sad. Why dolphins?

Bonnie Spielman Stop buying stuff from Japan. That's the only way the government will put their foot down and stop the slaughter. They can't be in isolation from the other countries because they will go under. A grass roots movement or boycott can do the trick.

· 2

Lauri Laura

Jill Cooper Pesqueira Disgusting!

Cheri Aristo-Frey so disgusted!!

Lin Heath

John Armstrong sick!!!!!!!!!

Susan Mccune-Vergano Wendy-sadly. The internet opens up for mean, bullies, and ignorant people to comment and ruin successful communications. They will always be there. Best we can do is ignore them but still fight for what we believe in. Please do not allow them to push you away from something you stand for.

· 2

Margaret Hoque Gag

· 1

Mandi Oechslie I wish the Guardians had a friend in DNA, who could test it for sure. Either way, what the heck are people doing eating whales?!?! Most of those are quickly becoming extinct, too. What the hell is wrong with people!?!?

· 4

Cilene Duarte Isso tem que acabar

Carolina Godoy Absurd!!! Don't they know what extintion is????

· 2

JugendimMuseum Verein SAD !

· 1

Chelsea Jordan Disgusting.

Jean-Gui Rx Shame on this fuc#### whale killer

· Edited · 2

Autumn Lee Colley Oh so its ok to eat whale meat? Any animal way bigger than man should not be EATEN

· 1

Miiss Terious Dolphin = poisonous to human .. Real equation Dolphin = Love

· 2

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians Page (official) We moderate this page, as best we can. We cannot sit 24hrs a day online. Please take into consideration that we are still in Taiji and time difference.
We will delete racial and obscene comments. We also will delete promotion of any othe subject not related to Taiji dolphin drive hunts.

· 8

Jennifer Mang Oh my....i don't need to eat meat ...i definitely learned to live without it..and I especially wouldn't even consider eating dolphin meat for god's called willpower to listen to your brain and train it...

· 2

Natalie Kelly Wankers

· 1

Louise Emerson Can it be tested? I wonder how many chemicals are in it. That alone would cause people to maybe not buy it. After the nuclear plant disaster, I don't think any fish/dolphin/whale etc from Japanese waters are safe to eat.

Angelique Larsen rest in peace poor babes, you couldn't pay me enough $ to eat you

· 1

Susanna Wikander So sad...

· 1

Sarai Rodriguez Omg I could never eat that in my life! ;(

Muriel Dejardin c est a vomir ...

Myrna Petrie take the pledge never to go to a marine park or swim with dolphins ever again and encourage everyone you know not to and encourage them to encourage others too...I did..this is something we all can do where ever we are in the will help the dolphins immensely.

· 8

Dolores Rosa Hackenberg Thank you sea shepards!

· 2

Kathy Anderson This just toughens my resolve to raise funds to be a cove guardian, they need to be stopped.

· 3

Laurent Brochu I saw on television your adventures versus the japaneses boats.There is no words to condemn this massacre organized. It's disgusting! samples for research ....lies!
I hope you will succeed. Courage and good luck sea sheapherds

· 4

Ella Monella

Diane Myers Dolphin and whale meat had been tested extensively even by jap scientists themselves. They took the brave stance of trying to convince Govt officials that it should be banned from school lunches. But surprise surprise the Govt placed a gag order on its release and the Mayor of Taiji denounced it as rubbish. This is a Govt based on Secrecy and cover ups to the detriment of their own people and the dolphins and whales they must murder every year.

· 5

Deborah Perry That's disgusting on so many levels.

· 2

Diane Mathieson Duplicity.

Neus Rodriguez Poisoning their own people, wiping out a species. The thirst for money is abhorrent.

· 2

Sue Johnson Jap is a negative term...they are Japanese. All governments are secretive. In the US the factory farm animals are fed horrendous things. You can look it up. Our government approves of these things. Children eat it and it is considered normal and fine. The Chinese own a large factory farm in the US, the largest pig factory farm in the world. This is disgusting and any veg. or animal conscious person will tell you there is much suffering in this facility. Yet, to avoid buying or boycotting the US for it is not right either. I posted here a couple links and should have written this out instead. It is frustrating to read such anger, though it is warranted, and judgement. We have to look at our own actions as well. We can't pick and choose who is bad. All countries are bad in their care for animals and most all countries have dolphins in bath tubs. It is all part of a consciousness that needs to happen for all beings. The planet, the oceans and all of us depend on it. We can do much while here...signing petitions, and raising awareness are the most helpful..there is also much you can do to advocate against the marine parks in your own countries because most likely you have them and many can be traced back to Taiji.

· Edited · 5

Joao Taborda Matos Lopes WTF?!

Sue Johnson I have not seen anyone ask why these dolphins have mercury.....the solution isn't to wish harm on the Japanese. Change yes. The solution is to ask how are we part of the problem of the mercury being there in the first place. So here is how we are all part of the problem of the mercury...this is a global issue..not one country..please people think with a bigger picture in mind...

· 2

Lynn Buchanan This makes me sick! Dirty bastards. I hope they all rot in hell!

· 2

Wendy van Hoof i hate them for this. Dolphins are sacret

Jacinta Ross Yuck there is no reason what so ever to eat that, considering most people over there won't eat it themselves, so the answer is STOP IT NOW. And stop calling whales the roaches of the sea, wrong they are roaches with there lies.

Tammi Hamilton some people have no morals!

Betsie Barham Why in the hell would anyone eat that?!

Carrie Sportelli-White Bastards

Diane Myers For the first time Sue Johnson I disagree with you. "Jap" is an abbreviation. Of course people will interpret things differently and similarly they will express themselves differently. That is our right. I get annoyed when people start telling other people how they should express themselves or start lessening there passion because they aren't aware of all the atrocities in the world. Education works better than dictatorship. For the record: I have signed every petition put on this thread and many others including the ones you have so kindly included.

· 1

Colette Fontaine What a disgrace, don't they realize the world is watching and has begun to despise the Japanese town of Taiji and in particular it's fishermen who have no regard for life. They are an abomination to their country.

· 1

Colette Fontaine They should really be embarrassed!

Ranya Caloudis Disgusting!!

· 2

Susan Taylor Those who eat it are equally evil

· 1

Maren Burdorf-Koch ...

Karla Jeanette Adam Educate, Educate, Educate ...this Is all we can do... Never be silent or silenced to such evil goings on in the world against any forms of suffering, As one voice echoes and it only takes that one official with power to hear and stand up against cruelty to make a change for a brighter future, maybe not in my life time but one day and that day will come xx

· 1

Samantha Mestyan So gross!!! Wtf

Sue Johnson Diane Myers...I respect you and where you come from. I have looked up the term and am familiar with the meaning of it. I read and have seen how words effect the page...and some words start off more unpleasant words...that was my only reason for posting that...

· 2

Marina Polushina гадость какая. тьфу.

May Wong Fucking Japanese today is 311 beware of the Karma

May Wong Everyone Japan please

Natalie Brown Just got back from Japan... Was shocked to see a tourist map advertising a restaurant specialising in whale meat in Tokyo.

August Coe such disgusting things...

Erin Alman Disgusting

Laura Engel It's perverse